Cracking Insight

January 24th, 2019 by Martin Chan

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Q: What do cryptic crossword solutions and killer insights have in common?

A: Once discovered, they’re blindingly obvious!

Anyone who enjoys cracking cryptic crosswords will understand that the solution is always irrefutable but that the journey to the answer can be mind-bendingly challenging.

Finding insights that define what a company or brand should do next involves the same level of brain-ache as cracking the most puzzling of crossword challenges.  How do we at Rainmakers CSI make sure we cut to the chase quickly and effectively to give our clients insight they can act on, without question?  Well, we use similar strategies and frameworks as crossword code breakers.

Here’s our insight finding checklist:

Click here to see our team of problem solvers.  And here if you’d like to find out more about how Rainmakers CSI can crack your insight conundrum.  We’d love to discuss strategies and tactics.

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