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Beyond NPS – putting consumers at the heart of B2B businesses Expand


The research industry often isn’t geared toward smaller, B2B companies. So how do these businesses become customer-centric? Synectics is global leader in a highly focused specialist technology market but like many medium sized businesses customer insights had not typically been at the heart of the organisation.

Synectics had previously worked with consultancies that had looked at the business, provided some abstract insights and then disappeared. They understood that they needed a partner that would provide tangible, actionable deliverables to guide the next phase of the company’s evolution. Working with Rainmakers CSI they were able to build and insight driven strategy that puts the customer’s satisfaction at its heart, and that delivers continuous and sustained improvement once the initial project has ended. As a result, Synectics saw improved NPS, and a continuous dialogue with consumers which feeds into their continuous development. In fact, 80% of Synectics’ customers say that they view them as their preferred long-term partner for future needs.

Helping business customers work smarter Expand

A major high Street bank

Our client’s challenge How can we help our small business customers modernise the way they work?

This was a tough topic to broach. To gather insight from our client’s customers about weaknesses in the way they work, we we had to have their trust. That’s why we made sure all interviews were conducted by senior directors with experience of financial services and B2B. One-to-one interviews in the workplace gave participants privacy, while giving us a first-hand view of working practices. The findings provided clarity about which aspects of business life our client had a licence to influence, as well as “pen portraits” of business customers that are now guiding training and comms strategies. The organisation has taken steps to establish itself as a thought leader in this area, and added a commitment to help small businesses with specific issues to its customer charter.

Building premium brand experiences Expand

A famous drinks brand

Our client’s challenge How do we create more premiumised drinking experiences so we can grow margin and extend into more profitable sectors?

Great insight work always builds on what a business already knows. In this case, our starting point was a consumer segmentation model that the client had already invested in. Our primary research revealed a new understanding of the segmentation and the most relevant target groups. We provided brand positioning maps for portfolio development into the premium space, and packaging and distribution recommendations for premium propositions. Our work also pointed the way to further premiumisation opportunities.

Helping brands enter new categories Expand

A household name in FMCG

Our client’s challenge How do we identify growth opportunities and develop strategies for the most promising ones?

Based on existing insight and a robust quantitative study covering 12,000 households in four markets, we created a needs-based segmentation which lives and breathes within our client’s organisation. By using our Brand Strategy GameBoard framework, we helped our client identify the most fertile innovation spaces and pinpoint opportunities to stretch the brand.

Aligning portfolios across markets Expand

A well-known healthcare brand

Our client’s challenge How do we market our product ranges more efficiently around the world?

Conducting comms for a brand is always a challenge when no two markets are quite the same.
We reviewed existing research and other data sources that gave us the big picture, including market and socio-economic data, cultural factors and consumer trends. From this we were able to determine category drivers for each market, and create “clusters” of markets based on these factors. Now our client can target their marketing activities to each of these market clusters, so communication is far more efficient, and messages really resonate.