Our Client Portfolio

Providing clients with worldwide expertise across B2C and B2B markets.

Our experience

Whether global or local, or operating within business or consumer markets, we have helped our clients to grow profitably using insight-based strategies.

Our sector experience includes FMCG, healthcare, financial services, telecoms, technology services, utilities, travel, music and media.

Clients we’ve helped include Johnson & Johnson, Visa, Coca Cola, Zurich, Lloyds Banking Group, Expedia, Brother and Global Radio.

The fundamentals for creating growth strategies for B2B and B2C companies are often similar and we believe that businesses within one market can learn from the other.

B2B Considerations:

  • To build an effective strategy, it is crucial to understanding the customer decision process for each business type and its market.
  • Stakeholders and customers are often hard to reach, meaning communication needs to remain professional and efficient.
  • When recruiting for research, communication should reflect the relationship you hold with your customers.
  • Commercial and technical language is often loaded with unnecessary jargon, meaning a strong understanding of your category and a fresh perspective is vital.

Frequent Client Problems

How do we make our marketing more efficient and profitable on a global scale? Expand

Using our Global Market Clusters framework to align portfolios and spend across different markets.

How do we identify and prioritise growth opportunities for our FMCG brands? Expand

Using our Brand Strategy GameBoard framework to expand your category and brand reach, allowing us to develop strategies for the most promising opportunities.

How do we move our service offering into an adjacent advisory space? Expand

Using our Primary Insight framework to better understand your customer needs, your right to play and how to best approach a new proposition.

How do we identify which existing customers are most likely to use our other services? Expand

Using our Brand Growth Model and Proposition Development frameworks to determine essential services, hone your core message and optimise feature packages/bundles.

How do we identify which trends will influence the products our customers are buying? Expand

Using our consultancy services to interrogate existing insight and reveal profitable growth opportunities in a changing world.