Consulting and Insight Services

Driving commercial decisions with research and market intelligence.

Our work aims to create efficient, insight-based solutions to business problems. As a global provider, we bring our cultural understanding to every project, wherever you’re based.


As strategic insight consultants, we work with you to interrogate existing research and data sources, unlocking growth drivers and opportunities. It’s a powerful, commercial approach to maximising the insight investment you’ve already made.

Primary Insight

Our primary research programmes are designed to fill any gaps in your insight and tackle business challenges that can’t be solved with your current data. We have a method-neutral approach. Our only allegiance is to detecting insight that will deliver profitable growth.


Market Category Forensics Expand

Market category forensics provides a view of your situation from every angle, allowing us to identify target groups and a strategic direction for innovation, expansion, channel presence and communication.

Brand Strategy GameBoards Expand

Using advanced data analytics, Brand Strategy GameBoards map and size growth options and product innovation opportunities, allowing strategic direction to be captured in simple, intuitive visuals.

Brand Growth Model Expand

Our Brand Growth Model focuses on identifying your true assets, the new markets or categories that you could expand into, any brand stretch opportunities and what your levers and barriers to entry will be.

Global Market Clusters Expand

By uncovering consumer, shopper or customer fundamentals in each market, we‘re able to group countries together, allowing you to leverage propositions, marketing strategies and communications on a larger scale and maximise your consumer focus and business efficiency.

Brand Positioning and Architecture Expand

By taking customer insights and market data, we identify opportunities for stretching your brand or category. We help you to develop motivating brand architectures, compelling propositions and successful pricing structures.


Quantitative Research Expand

Because we always begin by analysing your current insight and interrogating your objectives, we avoid duplication. Whether in one market or globally, our primary research maximises your investment, complementing existing studies and supporting robust, practical growth strategies.

Qualitative Research Expand

Led by our most senior team members around the world, our qualitative research can evolve and adapt with agility, ensuring we surface the big strategic opportunities in the most efficient way.

Integrated Insight Expand

Most of our work involves weaving different methods together, united by the purpose of identifying the ways you can grow.  We remain method-neutral by not committing to a particular platform, panel or analysis tool.

Advanced Analytics Expand

Using advanced analytics, we identify underlying patterns, category drivers, meaningful segmentations, optimal price points and optimised portfolios.

Workshops Expand

Within each project we conduct workshops that allow us to collaborate with clients, reflect on progress, reassess objectives, refine the success criteria and build practical initiatives to drive growth.